Why is Water Circulation So Important for a Swimming Pool?

Why is Water Circulation So Important for a Swimming Pool?

It has been said by many professionals in the pool industry that your pool’s water pump is the heart of the pool. Good circulation is as essential to our health, as it is for the health of your swimming pool, for a number of reasons.

The experts at Elite Pools and Spas explain how the right pool equipment can help you maintain healthy water circulation and extend the life of your pool.


Sluggish Circulation Leads to Sludgy Waters

Just as bad circulation in one’s body can lead to uncomfortable or serious health consequences, improper pool maintenance, and poor water circulation can lead to drastic pool water results. Poorly circulated water does not properly disperse the sanitizing agents necessary to keep your pool clean and clear. The result? An unclean, and often green or white-tinged, pool.


Negative Effects on Other Equipment

Many pieces of equipment that help support your pool depend on having a good, healthy circulation flow in order to function properly. Take your heat pump, for example. Your pool’s “flow rate” (i.e. the volume and the speed at which your water is traveling through the circulation system) can either help the heat pump maintain optimal efficiency or it can render it useless if there is an inadequate flow rate.


An Increase in Utility Costs

Poor pool water circulation ultimately means a higher utility bill for you. Having an inefficient circulation system not only means that the chemicals are not being properly dispersed (which leads to an increase in chemical usage and costs), but it also means that heated water isn’t being properly circulated from the top of the pool down to the bottom and throughout. When properly circulated, this can significantly save a pool owner on their pool heating bills.


Tips for Maintaining Proper Water Flow

Checking your pool’s water flow and circulation needs to be a priority when performing pool maintenance. Here a few common tips for maintaining proper water flow:

  • Check your pool filter regularly and make sure it is clean (a dirty filter slows flow rates)
  • Check to see if the pool valves are fully open
  • Regularly clean out your pool’s pump basket

If you ever have questions about your pool’s performance or circulation, the experts at Elite Pools and Spas are here to help. Our Service & Repair team is ready to set you up with the best pool equipment in the industry. Contact us to learn more!


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