What to Expect During Pool Installation

Adding a custom swimming pool to your Houston home is an exciting endeavor; you are about to open the door to many backyard benefits as well as appreciate your property like never before. Owning a pool is a real delight, especially in Houston where the year-round warm weather makes it possible to enjoy the pool area throughout each season.

Thanks to innovative technology, it has never been easier to care for a swimming pool or to keep up a proper maintenance routine—work that previously kept many potential buyers from making the investment—and this makes now the perfect time to build your custom pool.

Still, some people back out of the pool building process because it can be quite intimidating. The thought of seeing a huge hole in their backyard is unnerving to most homeowners, but the important thing to remember is that your outdoor space is in very capable hands with Elite Pools and Spas. To help calm your nerves, here is an overview of what you can expect during the process of custom pool installation.

The Time Frame

Though the actual installation of most pools can be completed in just a couple of weeks, the time it takes is actually dependent on the size of the pool and any custom work that you’d like to have done. Some unforeseen conditions, such as the weather, structural surprises during excavation or changes in the building plan, can also extend the time of installation. In addition to the actual building process, inspections and proper building permits must be acquired before the ground is even broken.

Though Elite Pools and Spas works hard to complete projects efficiently, the quality of a pool is not compromised by rushing the job. Having your pool installed the right way the first time will save you a lot of money and stress in the future.

The Steps of Pool Installation

Most customers have not previously had a custom pool built for their home before, and they do not know what steps are normally made to complete such a project. Here is a brief overview of our custom pool installation process:

  1. Obtaining building permits
  2. Completing preparatory work and finalizing the design
  3. Excavating the land that will soon become your personal paradise
  4. Constructing the pool’s braces, walls and plumbing
  5. Installing the Gunite, tile, coping, and electrical features
  6. Completing the decking and additional building work, depending on your customizations
  7. Applying plaster and filling your pool with water: the final touches
  8. One last visit from us to teach you about the operation and care of your pool and the installed equipment


Do remember that, as we said above, the process of building your specific structure will depend on the type of pool you are having installed.

Your Choice of Builder Matters

When it comes to installing custom pools, having a good builder can make all the difference in the world. Be sure to check out the history and accreditation of any potential pool builders that you are hoping to hire. For more information, visit our new pools page or contact a representative with Elite Pools and Spas today.   



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