Using a Gas Pool Heater or Solar Cover to Save Money

If you want to heat your pool but aren’t interested in spending hundreds of dollars on heating, you may want to consider either a gas pool heater or a solar cover. Both of these options are far less expensive than traditional pool heating pumps and will easily allow your pool to be used during more mild days.

Using a Gas Pool Heater or Solar Cover to Save Money | Elite Pools and Spas Houston

Gas Pool Heaters

A gas pool heater is far more energy-efficient than an electric heater. Gas pool heaters can be turned on as is required to further conserve on energy. You can use your gas pool heater during the hotter periods of the day to ensure that you don’t have to use too much gas power. When used in conjunction with other methods, a gas pool heater can become even more effective.

Solar Pool Covers

Solar pool covers can be used with other heating mechanisms to save on energy. A solar pool cover is placed over a pool and absorbs the heat of the sun’s warmth, transferring this heat directly to the pool water. You may be surprised at how effective this very simple solution may be. A solar pool cover is a fantastic idea for areas that are a little cold all year around, and it can be used on milder days to heat the pool up. It can also be used during the summer days to ensure that the water is comfortable through the evening hours.

While gas pool heaters and solar covers are both extremely effective water treatments, they usually won’t be able to help you if the temperature dips below a certain level. If you expect that the temperatures in your area will reach below freezing, you may want to take steps to winterize your pool before the cold snap hits.




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