Continued Covid-19 Pool Service – League City

Continued Covid-19 Pool Service – League City

Now, more than ever, your pool will become the center of family fun and exercise. That’s why it’s critical to know that Elite Pools & Spas will STILL BE PROVIDING 5 star pool service to our neighbors.

Pool companies have been deemed, “vital to public health” and therefore will be working throughout any Coronavirus related issues.  Rest assured, our team is here for you during this difficult time at home and we promise to keep your pool safe and running right.

HERE ARE SOME OF THE MOST COMMON COVID QUESTIONS WE’VE BEEN ANSWERING regarding Springtime operations and health concerns related to what we call in the industry as “recreational water”. Feel free to email us back with any questions you may have.

 The main question is: How safe is pool water?

The CDC and PHTA ( Pool and Hot tub Alliance our nationwide trade group) have deemed pools and hot tubs are safe as long as they maintain the correct levels of sanitation with chlorine or bromine. Here are two links that cover this:

Another question We have gotten is: Are chlorine free salt pools safe?

The answer to this is yes. Salt pools are not chlorine free, they generate their own chlorine from the salt as to keep maintaining a constant level of chlorine.

All weekly service pools by Elite Pools & Spas are tested weekly and chemistry is adjusted so your family can enjoy safe & relaxing swimming while off from school.


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