The Importance of Regular Pool Maintenance

Houston pool builders are proud to build clients beautiful custom pools that offer homeowners in the area their own personal oasis. Owning a pool is a lot of fun; you will have a new way to relax or enjoy some time with your family, as well as entertain guests. Because it is so warm in Houston and the surrounding areas throughout the year, those who own pools in the state find it unnecessary to close them down. Swimming pools can be built in a variety of different shapes and sizes, with a budget plan and design theme to meet the wants and needs of all homeowners.

Through all this fun, it is important for homeowners to keep in mind that there will be added work with a pool. As with any worth-while investment, the pool must be nurtured and made to thrive. This is done with regular pool maintenance.

Keep Your Filtration System Working Well

Swimming pool maintenance is not completed just to keep your pool looking pretty. Over time, the parts that make up the entirety of the pool system break down with normal wear and tear, as well as from exposure to the elements. This natural occurrence can be prolonged with regular maintenance.

Cleaning your pool regularly and reversing the flow of the water to flush the system will keep your parts working well for the long haul. Without completing your regular pool maintenance, your filtration system can easily become clogged or damaged, stopping the filtration all together.

Keep Chemical Levels Safe

Checking the chemical levels in your pool is an important part of pool maintenance that cannot be overlooked. The chemicals that you put into your pool are responsible for both killing dangerous bacteria that might grow in your water, as well as keeping your water crystal clear. Regularly check the levels in your pool with a testing kit and adjust as needed.

Keep Your Pool Beautiful

Without regularly cleaning your pool and taking care of its extra parts, your outdoor space can quickly turn into a mess. Besides skimming the water and cleaning the filtration system frequently, you should also take to time to clean up the interior walls of your swimming pool or any other outdoor features that could use some TLC.

Find and Repair Damage

There are many times when homeowners do not see critical pool damage due to improper maintenance. Going through your pool space and keeping all the parts clean and running efficiently will make it much easier to find damage or notice a difference in the system when repairs or upgrades should be made.  

Pool Services Houston

Elite Pools of Houston offers a variety of services to help decrease the workload for those who live in the area. Hiring a professional pool service can help you to carry out your regular maintenance without a hitch. For more information, visit our services page or contact a representative with our business today. Regular maintenance will extend the life of your pool.


For over 20 years, Elite Pools & Spas have been providing new pool construction, pool remodels, pool repair and weekly maintenance services for Houston, League City, Pearland, Clear Lake & surrounding areas.

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