Surf and Turf: Bring Golf and Swimming Together in Your Backyard

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There are many ways to increase the beauty of your backyard and the amount of fun you and your family enjoy there. For years, people have been installing swimming pools surrounded by flower gardens or an oasis of grass for a putting green in the midst of rocky hardscape. Why not marry two fun activities, swimming and golfing, into one “surf and turf” themed backyard design?

The Possibilities are Endless
Working with a professional designer, you could bring together these two great hobbies in a way that makes your backyard the best in the neighborhood. For example:

  • Divide and conquer. Designate one part of your yard for the pool and put the putting green on the other side of the yard. Use pathways, plants, and rocks to connect the two disparate elements into a singularly beautiful landscape.
  • Let the pool shine. If you suspect most of your time will be spent in the water rather than holding a golf club, consider centering the design around a gorgeous pool. Tucked to one side can be your lush putting green, and on the other side, you could add shrubs, trees, or other greenery for balance.
  • Make putting the yard leader. Perhaps you are an avid golfer and would rather have a pool that is occasionally used for working out or as a way to bring a soothing touch to your landscape. Create a small oasis to surround your water feature then focus your design and your budget on a putting green that will be fun to use as you improve your handicap.
  • Combine the two into one element. The lush green of your putting turf will look gorgeous next to the shimmering blue of your pool. So why not create a putting green that will add visual interest to your pool area, which also allows you to incorporate a real “water hazard” into your golfing area? A floating ring can be used as an opportunity to practice your chip shot, too. If you want to step it up a notch, instead of creating a pool that is a simple rectangle or oval, consider adding an island with a bridge. The area below the water can be made into a tiled feature, adding beauty and style, while the bridge itself adds drama and architecture. Above the waterline, you can happily practice your chip shot while hitting across your pool “hazard” and into the putting green on the other side.

As you can see, there are many ways to bring your favorite activities into your backyard without losing beauty or function. A professional designer will be able to help you imagine a lovely landscape that will provide years of pleasure to you and your family.




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