Summer Pool Safety Tips All Parents Should Know

Many families this summer will be spending a lot of time out in the sun lounging around and playing in their pools, but accidents do unfortunately happen from time to time—many of which can be avoided. Elite Pools & Spas are Houston pool builders that know the importance of good pool safety practices, and we want to share some of these with you. By keeping in mind these simple pool safety tips for parents, homeowners can keep their custom pools safe this summer.

Always Keep an Eye on the Children

Of course this point is obvious, but it should still be mentioned nonetheless. Whenever children are near the pool area, parents and other adults need to be on alert for potential emergencies. There’s a fine line between being watchful and paranoid, for sure, but no children should be left unattended by the pool. It would just be too easy for a curious child to get caught in the suction drain or other fixtures, leading to a potentially devastating accident. You may also want to invest in a telephone installation somewhere near the pool that you can use in the event of an emergency.

Learn Basic Safety Skills

If you want to be a responsible pool owner, you should spend some time learning basic water safety skills. This includes knowing how to swim correctly. Surprisingly enough, many swimming pool accidents are due in part to improper form, and your children should be educated as such. You will also want to know life-saving practices like CPR, which is relatively easy to obtain certification for and can potentially save a life.

Invest in Safety Equipment for Your Pool

It may not hurt to invest in some critical pool safety additions to your pool. Installing a fence around the area (minimum: four feet) is perhaps the best way to keep unattended children away from the pool. You could even add a self-locking and self-closing front gate, which could keep out curious kids. A lockable safety cover, in addition to lowering your overall operating costs, is also one of the best ways you can improve the safety of your home’s pool.

Collaborate with Neighbors

If you have neighbors with pools, one of the best pool safety tips for parents we can give is to try collaborating to find ways to handle water safety by committee. It is simply too easy for children to slip in and out of another’s pool, and everyone in the neighborhood should be united to prevent any unnecessary pool-related accidents.

Get More Houston Pool Safety Tips for Parents

Houston pool owners have earned every right to relax away the summer days next to their wonderful custom built pools. The fact remains, however, that there are far too many avoidable accidents each year, and Elite Pools & Spas wants to correct this. If you have any other questions regarding possible pool safety measures you could take, do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our representatives today. We can provide you all the information and other tips you would ever need to get your water safety up to scratch.



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