Pool Flood & Storm Damage

Pool Flood & Storm Damage

Flooded Pools ARE A MAJOR Problem for owners all over the Galveston, Dickinson and Clear Lake areas.   Not only can hurricane wind and heavy rains overflow your pool and make a mess, but they can actually flood your equipment panel and damage the structure of your pool itself.

Don’t Worry!  Elite Pool Services is here to help with tips to help you deal with a flooded pool OR FAST service if you want us to clean and stabilize your pool.

First and Foremost… Check for damage to the structure of your pool.

That means looking for cracks, lifting of the concrete, a pulling or floating liner or flooding equipment area and panel.  If you find structural damage, DO NOT DO ANYTHING until you’ve called a pool expert like us.  Changing the water level or pumping out the pool could cause even more damage.

Second – Clean the larger debris with a skimmer and by hand.  If your pump is working with CORRECT PSI and not flooded, you can try to vacuum the pool, but make sure skimmer and baskets are emptied frequently.

Three – Backwash the filter several times during the cleaning due to high waste load.  This can be tedious, but if your pool has accumulated dirt, leaves and other debris, you cannot effectively vacuum the pool without a clean filter and clean skimmer baskets.

Four –   Check your chemicals and assess the treatment. Your pool will probably require SUPER-CHLORINATION, so have chemicals on hand to heavily treat the pool to stabilize the chlorine level to a proper amount.

SIX – Make sure the pump and equipment are running properly, then circulate the pool for 24 hours. Then adjust Alkalintiy, PH, Hardness an Cyanuric Acid.  Every 24 hours, you will need to check the chemicals and adjust.  MAKE SURE that your pool does not have remnant debris, algae, dirt etc. This will make your recovery longer and more costly.

SEVEN – Repeat the testing and chlorination every 23 hours for 4 to 6 days to ensure that all chemicals are returning to normal.

Consider skipping all of the work by calling Elite Pool Services.  Our expert pool techs will drain and clean your pool to allow for the fastest, most cost efficient flooded pool recovery.


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