Pool Chemicals: Stock Up Safely

Owning a custom swimming pool in Houston, Texas is a lot of fun. Since the weather is nice year around, this is an amenity that you can enjoy with your friends and family each time the sun is shining. Building or upgrading your custom pool allows you to add new, innovative features such as waterfalls or more efficient pool equipment. These commodities make pool ownership even more simple than ever before. Though the weather is warm throughout the year in Texas, the winter months are the perfect time to start a building project. Your new outdoor space can be ready before the real heat strikes the area.

Owning a pool comes with some responsibility. You will have to keep it up with proper cleaning and chemical management. Some owners hire outside businesses to take care of this work, but it is easy enough that you can do it yourself if you wish. Either way, you will probably have to find a safe solution for storing your chemicals. Here are some tips for how you can stock up safely.

Build a Proper Storage Facility

Keep chemical storage in mind as you are building your custom pool or spa in Houston, Texas. Many owners miss this aspect and end up having to backtrack to find a good solution down the line. Building a small storage building or closet for your pool equipment and chemicals is not difficult, but you should follow some safety guidelines to make sure that it is adequate. You should make sure that your facilities keep your chemicals out of the sunlight and rain. You will want to keep all of your shelves below your shoulders, so that you do not risk a chemical container falling on your head. When storing in bulk, do not put too much weight on shelving or surfaces. It is also a great idea to build separate closets or compartments within your shed, as some chemicals should not be stored together.

Keep Your Chemicals Locked Away

Make sure that no children or pets can access your chemical storage area. Children who are playing like to hide in small spaces, like a closet or outdoor shed, which may lead them to try out your chemical storage facility. If pets or children do come into contact with your pool chemicals, follow the directions on the container and contact a poison control center immediately.

Keep in Original Containers

It is impossible to know all of the information about a chemical quickly if it is not in the original container. Containers contain handling guidelines. disposal instructions, ingredients and a whole lot more useful information. While it may seem like putting your pool chemicals into another container is more efficient, it is a major safety hazard. Also, the containers that pool chemicals come in are meant to keep the solutions contained for an extended period. Other types of storage ideas could leak, causing a concern for your safety.

Build Your Custom Pool

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