Outdoor Living Ideas: Sheltering the Outside


Adding a gazebo or pergola is an easy way to create an outdoor living area.

Adding a pergola or gazebo to the backyard are great ways to create inexpensive retreats for you and your guests. It’s the perfect addition to an area where people can relax by the pool under a shady space, yet still get the effect of enjoying the outdoors.

There is a difference between a pergola and a gazebo, albeit a small one, but depending on what it is you are looking for, one should be right for you.

By definition, a pergola is an arch of trellis work that supports climbing plants. But if you don’t want to inundate your pergola with plants, that’s OK. It’s just important to note that that pergolas have an open rafters as opposed to gazebos, which feature closed roofs. Gazebos are open on all sides yet offer complete coverage on top, a great addition to an area where the elements might otherwise keep you from enjoying a meal in the fresh air.

Both pergolas and gazebos can be constructed of a variety of materials and designed in many different ways. It’s all up to what you want!




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