Is Your Pool Pet Friendly?

We all know a pool is the perfect place to relax this summer with friends and family, but you can’t forget the smallest member of the household. Your pets are going to want to join in on the fun too. If you don’t have a pet friendly pool, however, you might unfortunately have to leave them behind. The good thing is that it’s not so difficult to make a few key changes to your pool area to make it safer for your pets. Elite Pools & Spas, your Houston pool builder, wants to share with you a few additions anyone can make to welcome their pets to the fun.

How Clean is Your Pool?

No matter how often you give your dog or other pet a bath, they are bound to get filthy, and when they jump in the pool with you, all the dirt and bugs they’ve accumulated over the day is going straight into the water. In extreme cases, this can lead to a totally unsanitary pool that can get both you and your pet sick. You therefore need to make sure you’re investing in the best pool cleaners and filters you’re able to find to keep your pool water 100 percent safe for people and animals.

Watch Out for Your Pool Equipment

Pets tend to be very curious, and as such, pool equipment can pose as a very appealing plaything. As a responsible pet owner, you need to make sure your equipment is pet friendly or at least protected against accidents. For example, your underwater suction drains can be dangerous for small animals. If your pet jumps in the pool after a toy, make sure they don’t get too close to the drain. Like most methods, staying watchful and alert will go a long ways towards making your pool pet friendly.

Monitor Your Chemical Levels

If your chlorine levels are a little off balance, you will notice when your skin gets irritated and starts breaking out. Everyone also knows that direct exposure to your eyes can cause issues if prolonged. As a result, you want to make sure you regularly monitor your pool’s chemical levels. For a more pet friendly pool, you will also want to wash your pets off thoroughly after they’ve jumped in the water. Don’t forget as well that pets love drinking from the toilet, and the pool is no different. Your pet can sometimes get quite ill if left to drink your pool water indiscriminately, so keep an eye on this.

Let Your Houston Pool Builder Make Your Pool Pet Friendly

Building a pet friendly pool doesn’t necessarily mean putting up walls or adding unnecessary structures to your pool area. More often than not, keeping your pets protected means making sure they don’t play with dangerous equipment or drink the water. Even this little effort will ensure the pool is a safe place for all members of the family.

For any other questions regarding pet friendly pools or to explore alternative custom pool design options, feel free to reach out to a representative at Elite Pools & Spas today to see how we can help you.



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