How to Create a Swimming Pool Budget

How to Create a Swimming Pool Budget

Fall is an ideal time to build your new pool. Companies often give away additional incentives in order to stay busy and you can benefit from current season prices before the New Year increase. As with any major purchase though, creating a budget is a must.

When homeowners begin to plan out a swimming pool budget, they consider the pool construction costs, the chemical costs, as well as any maintenance company fees they may need to pay.  What you may not expect to budget for when planning a swimming pool are these little items below:

Safety Features

The safety features that you should plan to have built with your pool go beyond simply having a lifesaver ring hanging on a hook. A sturdy, professionally installed fence surrounding your pool with a self-locking gate can help prevent young children, along with uninvited guests, from entering the pool area without your knowledge.

A quality pool cover also helps keep the water clean and anyone or anything from falling in and getting trapped. Some covers, such as solar pool covers, can even help you save money on energy costs.

Decking Around the Pool

Decking around the pool is not just an attractive must have. Most decking options offer non-slip surfaces, which make the area around the pool safer for everyone. Consider decking options that complement your poolscape while also providing your visitors with a safe walking surface.

Home Insurance

One item will go up when you purchase a pool is your home insurance costs.  Though typically not “bank breakingly significant,” it’s important that you plan accordingly so that you’re able to allocate enough in your budget toward that expense.

  • TIP:  You may also want to look into the possibility of purchasing liability insurance.

Your Time

Some homeowners compare owning a pool to owning a pet because it requires daily care.  Every day you’ll need to go out and check your pool’s chlorine levels, pH levels, and acidity levels.  You’ll also need to spend a considerable amount of time cleaning the pool and its components.

Elite Pools & Spas provides a variety of services, including weekly pool maintenance as an option customers where time is an issue.

Pools Are Not Forever

Finally, no matter how gorgeous your pool is today, it won’t last forever. Many homeowners replace their pool every 10 to 30 years depending on the type of pool, how well it was maintained, and its geological location. If you plan on staying in that same home for a long while, and enjoy having a pool, plan on a pool remodel in your future.

Elite Pools & Spas understands a new pool is an investment and will work with you in designing one that meets your needs, while staying within your budget.


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