Give Your Pool a Money-Saving Energy Makeover

Give Your Pool a Money-Saving Energy Makeover

Give yourself the gift of saving on utilities, conserving water and taking advantage of energy-efficient rebates and incentives this season by giving your pool an energy makeover! Below are just a handful of updates and upgrades you can incorporate into your poolscape today so that you can save time and money all season long:


Best New Technology

Three technologies have caught our eye this season:

  • Solar heating: A great cost-effective way to extend your swim season and save on utilities!
  • LED lighting: Not only does energy-efficient LED lighting make your pool and backyard safer, it allows you to create a unique and customizable outdoor ambiance.
  • Automation: Streamline and simplify pool ownership with automation technology! Intuitive and easy to use, the latest swimming pool automation can remotely control almost every aspect of your poolscape.


Best Bang for Your Buck

Want to see some substantial savings this season and for many seasons to come? Invest in a variable-speed pump.

Variable-speed pumps may have a higher initial price tag than their single or double-speed counterparts, but that higher cost upfront will begin to pay off immediately after it is installed. In fact, a variable-speed pump can easily pay for itself in just two or three years.

Outdated pool pumps are often the second largest energy consumer in your house, after only heating and air conditioning. With a variable-speed pump, you can cut associated costs by up to 90 percent, leading to hundreds of dollars in savings every year.


Best Way to Save Time

You will be hard-pressed to find a pool owner who delights in scrubbing, vacuuming and maintaining their pool. Save yourself hours of valuable time and stress this year by investing in efficient pool cleaners that will take on the bulk of these chores for you.

Simply plug these systems in and watch them propel themselves around your pool as they scrub, suck and skim debris, bacteria and other unwanted material from your swimming pool water and walls. There are three types of automatic cleaners:

  • Robotic cleaners
  • Pressure cleaners
  • Suction cleaners

Not sure which one to choose? Elite Pools and Spas will gladly help you choose the right option for your budget as well as your pool’s size, shape and debris type.


The Best Place for Pool Equipment in Houston and Clear Lake

Investing in new and upgraded pool equipment can mean big savings, both in time and money. If you want the most options and the best advice on how to maximize your budget to save the most money, then come to Elite Pools and Spas. Our team of friendly experts will make sure the investment you make now pays off big in the long-run.


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