Find the Latest Trends in Pool Designs

Pools are all the rage during the hot months. People flock to those houses in the neighborhood that are lucky enough to have a pool in the backyard. However, as times change and the industry advances, the levels of intricacy and pool design have grown exponentially over the years, creating some amazing new designs in the pool world. These designs are the latest and most cutting edge in pools and will make a tremendous edition or upgrade to your home.

Life on the Edge

The infinity pool design is the stuff that movies are made of. We have all seen them in the ritzy houses of stars on TV. These pools look as if the end or edge of the pool just falls off like a waterfall. This is the coolest and one of the most popular designs in the pool world today. It gives a home or yard the utmost class and sophistication. An infinity pool will make your yard look like it was ripped straight from the silver screen. Live life on the edge with a new infinity pool design.

Glass is Great

Another popular movement in the realm of pool design is the glass tile movement. This gives the floor of your pool area an inventive finish which makes the water sparkle and sets off your entire property with an earthy, Spanish vibe. There are a myriad of options and styles with this design and it really gives a classy look to what would be a normal, average-looking pool. Glass options give your house a pool that is durable and dependable, stylish and sophisticated, and will be easy to maintain for years to come.

Pools on the Edge

For those out there with young ones in their families, this option with a Baja ledge could be just what you need. Different from the original shallow end of the pool, this option incorporates and separates shallow areas of the pool that can be used as lounge areas or places where toddlers can splash around. This is a family pool where you could teach your kids to swim or bring a chair into the water and lay around under the heat.

Water in Motion

This option is just fun. Some people like to encompass the spirit and mobility of water by adding options that make the water move and play around. These could be anything from waterfalls off to the side of the pool or fountains that shoot jets high into the air. Jets and bubblers are also in this category, as they move and circulate your water, helping to keep it clean and providing hours of entertainment. This is a popular option with kids and adults alike.

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