Backyard Movie Night

Backyard Movie Night

Whether it’s a warm fall evening or a cold winter’s night around the backyard fire pit, anytime’s a good time to throw a fantastic backyard movie night. Here are our 5 tips that are sure to make your outdoor movie night a success:


Have the Right Equipment

Before you should even consider throwing a backyard movie night, you need to make sure that you have the right equipment on hand.  This includes a laptop/DVD player, a screen (you can make your own out of a white sheet or shower curtain and a PVC roll to hold it down), an outdoor sound system, and a projector (which you can get surprisingly cheap!).


Location, Location, Location!

Where you plan to set up the screen to play the movie on will have a huge impact on how decent the picture quality is.  When thinking about where you’re going to set up the screen, consider the location of any lighting nearby (i.e. street lights, patio lights, house lights).  The less light there is to interfere with the shot, the better.


Choose a Good Movie

Nothing’s worse than inviting guests over to your house and then throwing on a movie that no one wants to see.  Choosing the right movie will depend on the crowd who’s attending, so take into consideration their own preferences (if you need ideas, do a bit of research by asking them what they’d like to see or check out their social media accounts for clues).


Provide Comfortable Seating

it can be as simple as picnic blankets on the lawn or plush and sophisticated outdoor furniture.  Just make sure that you have a place for every guest to sit as well as enough room for them to move around in.


Offer Bug Protection

Before guests come over, it’s a good idea to try and debug the area.  This means cutting any long grasses short, making use of bug repellants, and perhaps lighting up a few tiki torches to keep pests at bay. Keep some decent smelling spray on-hand too.


The Perfect Setting

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