Amp up the Ambiance with Outdoor Sound

Amp up the Ambiance with Outdoor Sound

When planning your space for outdoor entertainment, it’s important to consider everything that will help create the perfect atmosphere. Most often, a lot of time is spent on considering the right lighting, decor, and food that will be served. But something that is often overlooked is outdoor sound. Whether you’re looking to incorporate soothing background noise, play a sporting event overhead for all to hear, or are just wanting to enjoy music while you have a great Houston afternoon outside, here are our top tips on how you can both set-up and use outdoor speakers while hosting a fun event in your backyard oasis.


Conceal Your Outdoor Speakers

The primary concern that a lot of Houston homeowners have when it comes to outdoor sound is how gaudy speakers may appear around the swimming pool and patio area. Fortunately, there are many great outdoor audio products that allow you to easily conceal sound equipment into your beautiful outdoor aesthetic without losing quality sound.

While traditional box speakers are still available for those who don’t mind having them installed into the ceiling and wall areas, manufacturers offer different kinds of speakers that can be easily disguised into planters, rocks, vases, birdhouses, and more.  


Work With Outdoor-Grade Speakers

If you plan on incorporating an outdoor sound system, opt for outdoor speakers versus traditional speakers. Speakers designed specifically for outdoor living are built to withstand inclement weather, including rain and wind, as well as being splashed by pool water and sprinklers. These types of speakers are also designed to withstand extreme temperatures, although it’s recommended that they are protected from direct contact or prolonged exposure to the hot Houston sun.

While outdoor speakers are technically water resistant and not waterproof, they can withstand intermittent and accidental exposure. Be sure to place your speakers in areas where they aren’t in direct repeated contact with sprinkler systems or swimming pool water.


Choose a Good Receiver

A high-quality receiver will give you the performance that you need to set the mood with outdoor sound. Most top-notch receivers can support 8 to 10 outdoor speakers, and allow you to adjust the sound as you see fit.

Something to consider is that most backyards don’t need an obscene amount of outdoor speakers to capture the perfect sound. A total of 100 watts of sound is ideal for a standard backyard. At least two speakers will usually give you the stereo-quality sound you’re accustomed to.


Using Your Outdoor Sound System

An outdoor sound system is a worthwhile investment, given the many different ways you can enjoy it.  

  • Sporting Events: Set up a projector (or make your own with a white sheet) and watch the game in your outdoor living space with family and friends while still enjoying the water.
  • Special Events: Whether it’s a child’s birthday party or a more upscale backyard get together, everyone loves music. It helps set the tone, and it puts guests more at ease. Get the background music going and your guests grooving with an outdoor sound system.
  • Relaxation: An outdoor sound system doesn’t have to just be about guests – you can enjoy it, too. While lounging by the pool, stream your favorite tunes, kick back and relax. There’s nothing quite like getting lost in the music.


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