5 Common Myths About Houston Pool Water Chemistry

5 Common Myths About Houston Pool Water Chemistry

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The pool maintenance experts at Elite Pools of Houston are here to help you keep your pool in tip top shape all year round. Keeping your pool water chemistry in balance is extremely important.  Below are some common myths about your pool pH, chlorine levels, and other chemistry levels that can drive pool owners absolutely mad. Today we’re going to dispel some of those common myths and offer some pool solutions that really work.

1. That Chlorine Smell Means It’s Clean!

If you think that your pool smells a little bit too strongly of chlorine, that doesn’t mean that your pool is super clean or that there’s too much chlorine in the pool. When you notice that strong chlorine odor, that actually means that there is far too little chlorine in the water and that a number of ammonia-type introductions have occurred due to sweat, urine, and decomposing organic material. The solution: test your pool pH and chlorine levels, and then balance them.

2. Shock the Pool Each Week

As any Houston pool services company will tell you, no pool owner should need to “shock” their pool on a weekly basis. Only when ammonia compounds have had the chance to develop (such as in myth #1) should shocking the water be necessary.

3. The Ideal pH For A Pool Is 7.4

Not true. If your pool pH is anywhere between 7.2 to 7.6 you’re in a great range, though depending on the country and area you’re in, the ideal range can be anywhere from 6.5 to 7.6. As a general rule, the best pH is the lowest that you can manage since chlorine is more effective at a lower pH level. To balance your pH, use soda ash or baking soda whenever you find yourself in a tight spot.

4. Chlorine Causes Green Hair

Actually, it isn’t the chlorine that’s causing blonde hair to go green; it’s copper. Pool owners are often unaware of the problem, but the swimmer, if he or she allows for the copper-infused water to dry in his or her hair, will have a greenish hue to his or her ‘do after they shampoo their hair.

5. Save On Chlorine By Using a Supplemental Sanitizer

Don’t be fooled by using something to try and save money. Using a supplemental sanitizer or device won’t replace the role of chlorine when it comes to keeping your pool water chemistry balanced and sanitary.


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