12 Common Misconceptions About Pool Construction

Pool construction is often a mystery to anyone who hasn’t had to endure it, and even those who had a pool built 10 or 20 years ago are unfamiliar with current construction standards, time lines and processes. Stay in the loop by familiarizing yourself with these 12 common misconceptions about pool construction:

12 Common Misconceptions About Pool Construction | Elite Pools Houston

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1. Pools Increase Property Value

While this may be true in some cases, don’t build a pool just to increase your property value. Focus primarily on your own enjoyment and how the pool will add to the existing or pending atmosphere of your backyard or garden.

2. Pool Construction Takes Months

We’ve all heard the nightmare’ish stories, but this simply isn’t true. Your pool can be built in a matter of weeks (i.e. concrete and a complicated pool design) or even a matter of days (fiberglass).

3. Inground Pools are Too Expensive

Though above ground pools are the less expensive option, an inground pool built by an expert may very well be the most economical choice for most homeowners.

4. Licensing Is Required for Pool Builders

Sadly, anyone (including homeowners) can build their own pool, which leads to many less than reputable pool companies disappointing innocent and unassuming homeowners with their shoddy workmanship.

5. Permits Are Not Required for Home Owners

This couldn’t bee less true. Homeowners certainly need a permit, and your swimming pool builder should be able to better advise you on obtaining a permit.

6. The Swimming Pool Builder Guarantee Lasts After the Business Collapses

False! If your pool builder goes under, any guarantees that are with them directly will no longer be valid (product guarantees, however, will likely still be valid until the time they expire).

7. Pools are a Great DIY Project

Inground pools, and even above ground pools, are best built and handled by a professional. Try to do it yourself and you’re bound to suffer harsh economical setbacks and personal disappointments over the next several years.

8. Pools Require Too Much Maintenance

Not even close! As long as the homeowner is equipped with the right stuff and properly maintains the pool every week, maintenance can take as little as 10 minutes every week.

9. Pools Need to be Closed for Winter

This is an individual choice rather than a requirement. If you plan on leaving town or not using your pool over the fall or winter, then by all means close it – but continue to maintain it in the meantime.

10. Emptying the Pool is Part of Regular Maintenance

Absolutely not! In fact, most pool builders will strongly advise pool owners against emptying their pools as it can cause irreparable damage to their pool’s structure.

11. A Clean Pool Smells like Chlorine

Not even close. If your pool has a strong “chlorine” smell, then it’s likely full of chloramines and needs to be cleaned via shocking.

12. Pools are Expensive to Operate

Undoubtedly a pool will increase your bills, but it doesn’t need to be by leaps and bounds. Today there are a number of energy efficient pumps to select from and that can be added during or after pool construction, as well as solar-heating pool covers to help cut back on any heating costs.



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